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Heidi Duckler Dance Theatre: FishEyes | Program Notes

Over the years, Grand Performances has given many local dance companies opportunities to share their work with new audiences; test new ideas; and, occasionally, return to our stage to reconnect with our audience.  Dance is definitely the most underfunded company-based art form in Los Angeles (if not in the country).  More than just about any art form, it requires its artists to develop a sense of “ensemble” – the ability to share a style and movement vocabulary.  Particularly in the modern (a term that inadequately covers a wide range of approaches to performance dance) companies, the dancers need to spend long periods of time in rehearsal before performing works.

The Heidi Duckler Dance Theater is known for performing “site specific” works – works that are presented in spaces with their own character.  Over the years Heidi has set works in gas stations, Laundromats, a jail (decommissioned) an executive suite atop of one LA’s tallest high rises and the old Herald Examiner building.  Over a decade ago, she presented her take on corporate Los Angeles with “Liquid Assets” which used a few small set pieces set in Grand Performances pond.  This year, she commissioned the creation of a giant steel fish that her dancers perform on and around.  Though the architecture of California Plaza will differ from other locations where this work will be presented and thereby affect how the dancers interact with their dance space, this is one work that has been created with the potential of being transferred to a variety of locations (something already scheduled by the company).

We are grateful to the James Doolittle Foundation for its ongoing support of our dance presentations and this year to the County Arts Commission along with Jewel Donors Valerie Dunlap and David and Evi Meyer for their support of our presentation of the Heidi Duckler Dance Theater.  We are also proud to give Heidi’s newest work, “FishEyes”, its premier performance.

Heidi Duckler

Micah "Jamz" Abbrey
Teresa "Toogie" Barcelo
Nicholas Heitzeberg
Zoë Nelson
Shantel Urena
Composer/Musician (Part 1)
John Babage
Composer (Part 2)
Andrew McIntosh
Fish Designer

Alex Ward
Lighting Designer/Projections
Josephine Wang
Valerj Pobega
Stage Manager
Juli Figueroa
Technical Director

Eric Nolfo




Supported by The James A. Doolittle Foundation

This performance is supported by Director's Council Members Michael Alexander & Vicki Kirsch, and by Jewel Members Valerie Dunlap and Evi & David Meyer.