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OSCAR MIGUEL SANTOS is a transdisciplinary artist, event organizer, and educator born in El Salvador and raised in Los Angeles’s San Fernando Valley. When Oscar was in High School their Tia in El Salvador sent them a dusty old vinyl record by ‘Los Supersonicos’. Since then, Oscar has been collecting records and has traveled back to El Salvador to collect other Central American gems from the 60s and 70s. As a member of Radio Pulgarcito, Oscar is thrilled to honor and share the beautiful music from an often overlooked part of the world. Oscar creates original music and films, performs live and DJs under the pseudonym Sister Mantos. Sister Mantos performs songs of love, Queer identity, Brown Futurism, empowerment, and utopias that
are free of war and oppression. Oscar also co-hosts a monthly party in Los Angeles called La Disco Es Qultura.