• Friday, June 15, 2018
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Kristina Wong, Peter J. Harris, d. Sabela grimes - C.O.L.A. Night

d. Sabela grimes is a choreographer, writer, composer and educator whose interdisciplinary performances reveal physical and meta-physical efficacies of Afro-Diasporic cultural practices. A 2014 United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow, his AfroFuturistic dance theater projects consider invisibilized histories and grapple with constructed notions of masculinity and manhood, while conceiving a womynist consciousness. His continually evolving movement system, Funkamentals, focuses on the methodical dance training and community building elements evident in black vernacular and street dance forms. He is currently Assistant Professor of Practice at the USC Glorya Kaufman School of Dance.
TRANCE is a poetry/music suite by Peter J. Harris and new music by Ed Barguiarena. This creation for five horns blends virtuoso soloing, ecstatic human speech and dynamic silence into seamless VoiceMusic. This performance explores and plays with time and its pulsations, and revels in the shifts and slippages between emotional states.
Watch Kristina Wong shake babies and kiss hands, shrink all the hung Chads, and give speeches that make dictators blush! An arty show about a real-life simultaneous political sideshow of a campaign, is this a commentary on the dystopian train wreck of our modern democracy or a lesson in branding over substance? A real campaign or guerilla-style performance art? The reimagining of public space or a cry for help that will have us asking: Are we living in the aftermath of multiple publicity stunts gone wrong? Are these questions that can only be answered with empty thoughts and prayers? SAD!

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