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  • Wednesday, June 6, 2018
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L.A. Dance Party USA

The dance world comes together for a nightcap of music, dancing and interactive fun that captures the energy and creativity of dance makers, movers, and shakers. In celebration of L.A.’s vibrant dance scene, we’re extending an open invitation to all of Los Angeles to share the floor—and make your mark—as we kick-off the start of Dance/USA’s historic L.A. gathering.
The night gets going with dance-floor mixes from Beirut to Bangkok, via Bombay, spun by the decolonized minds of Discostan. Then, Rail Up co-founder Muñeka serves up signature sounds from the Afro-Latinx and Caribbean diaspora. Special appearances celebrate powerhouse L.A. dance makers, while our interactive shadow-dance generator merges the ancient with the futuristic.

• DJ Muñeka of Rail Up and DJs Arshia Haq and David Gomez of Discostan
• Dance activations from d. Sabela grimes and Mecca Vazie Andrews
• Christine Marie’s interactive 3-D shadow-dance generator