• Saturday, August 26, 2017
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未来の歴史 Mirai No Rekishi / History of the Future - Mark de Clive-Lowe


A sonic journey from ancient Japan to today and beyond...

Musical polymath Mark de Clive-Lowe juggles piano, synths and live sampling with effortless fluidity. A Japanese-New Zealander who now calls LA home, this forward-thinking voice in jazz and electronic music premieres a new work drawn from his Japanese roots, fusing the traditional with the sounds of tomorrow. Featuring Shing02Kaoru WatanabeYumi Kurosawa and more. 

Mirai no Rekishi is de Clive-Lowe’s ode to and exploration of his motherland - Japan. “It’s a musical journey delving into my own cultural heritage - using Japanese folk music as the starting point and interpolating it through the lens of jazz, hip hop and electronica. The project’s name encapsulates the idea that anything we perceive as being new is, by necessity, wholly informed by whatever has come before it. Nothing is entirely and solely new, and there’s a necessary continuum to all things. In order to go forward, we must understand and embrace our past,” de Clive-Lowe shares.

Curated and produced by Mark de Clive-Lowe. Co-produced by Rani de Leon.


This performance is supported by Jewel Member Greg Salter. Artist travel is provided by United Airlines.

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