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Ginkgoa Program Notes

One of the ways that Grand Performances uses the arts to serve Los Angeles audiences is through presentations by international touring artists who give us opportunities to learn about the current as well as the traditional arts that excite people in other parts of the world.

Tonight’s performance by Ginkgoa (founded in Paris in 2010 by American singer Nicolle Rochelle and French composer/producer Antoine Chatenet) was booked with that in mind.  This band plays a hot jazz, swing and electro repertoire that is deeply imbued with French cultural accents.   The roots of some of their music are clearly found in the United States – specifically the jazz and swing stylings of this active European festival favorite.  As we have already seen this season with the presentation of Soy Africano, music, of all the arts, moves the most freely across oceans and borders picking up influences along the way and thereby creating the distinctly new sounds that are now associated with the new home communities.

Ginkgoa comes to Grand Performances after winning the hearts of audiences at a number of the well-known jazz and music festivals such as Les Francofolies de la Rochelle, Fusion Festival (Germany) and Jazz Festival International of Montreal and on the international jazz circuit including an appearance at MAO Live House in Shanghai, China.



Supported by FLAX - French Los Angeles Exchange
This performance is supported by Director's Council Member Deborah Glusker and by Jewel Members Mark Baker, James Ortiz & Richard Malott, Liz Johnson and Eleanor Maynard.