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Joelii and Jen Morel


Join Joelii & Jenn Morel for a one-hour musical performance of upbeat and rhythmic tracks.

Dominican  Bombshell  Jenn  Morel  is  currently  on  fire  with  her  smash  debut  record  'Pónteme'.  This  eclectic,  Afro-Latina  is  an  amazingly  talented  rapper,  actress  and  dancer  known  for  going  viral  on  social  media  daily.  With  over  500,000  followers  throughout  social  media,  fans-  daily,  witness  her  authenticity,  spontaneity,  humor,  and  her  jaw  dropping  beauty.  Jenn  holds  humble  beginnings:  born  and  raised  in  the  countryside  of  the  Dominican  Republic  before  immigrating  to  the  United  States  at  the  age  of  6.  Her  start  in  the  entertainment  industry  was  as  a  ͚go  go͛dancer  in  New  York  City  legendary  nightclubs  such  as  Webster  Hall,  Finale,  Griffin  and  Pacha.  The  following  years  would  see  Jenn  be  a  backup  dancer  for  the  likes  of  LMFAO,  Neyo  and  appear  in  music  videos  for  Drake,  Nicki  Minaj  and  Trey  Songz.  Jenn  would  follow  by  becoming  one  of  social  media͛s  top  influencers-  generating  millions  of  impressions,  creating  viral  comedy  skits,  and  campaigns  with  notable  brands.  Music  is  Jenn͛s  newest  frontier  to  dominate.  Her  first  single  Pónteme  was  born  on  Instagram  as  a  part  of  her  signature  #FlowFridays.  A  weekly  rap  showcase  Jenn  puts  on  for  her  adoring  fans.  Jenn  states:  "My  transition  to  music  has  been  such  an  amazing  experience.  What  started  as  one  of  my  ͚one-minute  flows͛  has  grown  to  become  something  bigger  than  me.  A  movement  and  platform  for  all  women  (and  men)  to  have  the  confidence  to  express  themselves.  It  makes  me  so  happy  everyday  to  see  my  fans  sing  and  dance  to  my  song".  The  hot  choreography  in  the  Pónteme  music  video  can  be  found  all  over  Instagram  thanks  to  Jenn͛s  fans  with  the  hashtag  #PóntemeChallenge  and  hashtag  #Pónteme.  Jenn  Morel͛s  unique  style  is  making  her  a  force  to  be  recognized;  with  her  debut  performance  at  EDC  Mexico  2017  main  stage  for  a  crowd  of  100,000  people.  Pónteme  has  since  become  a  bonafide  hit  in  Europe;  certified  Platinum  in  Italy,  iTunes  #1  in  Italy,  and  the  #2  most  played  song  on  Italian  radio  in  Summer  2017;  peaking  on  Shazam  at  #2  in  Italy,  #14  in  Greece,  #14  in  France,  and  #67  on  Shazam  Global.  In  addition,  Pónteme  peaks  France  and  Russian  radio  charts  at  #20  and  #14  respectively.  Pónteme  has  now  over  37  million  views  on  YouTube  and  over  11  million  streams  on  Spotify,  making  Jenn  Morel  one  of  Latin  music͛s  rising  stars.

Gedrin Joely Morel (born June 19th 1991) better known by his stage name ‘Joelii’ is a Dominican recording artist and songwriter based out of Los Angeles, California. Born in the Dominican Republic, Joelii first moved to New York City, where he developed his musical talents; later recording and independently releasing various mixtapes to hone his craft. Most recently, Joelii is recognized for his writing and development for the ever-expanding female Latina rapper Jenn Morel and her repertoire of records including Platinum certified hit single Pónteme 2016 – Present, Joelii as well performed as a supporting act on numerous Jenn Morel tours across Europe. In February 2018, Joelii releases ‘Moombah Hasta La Tumba’ on Sak Noel’s Barnaton, situating Joelii as a voice for the Latin Electronic music genre Moombahton. In July 2018, Joelii’s first major label release is as a feature artist on single ‘Rub A Bum’ by Play N‘ Skills on Sony Music Latin, the song going viral on Zumba. In November 2018, collaborative releases "Culo Pa Tra" & " Subete with DJ's JSTJR & ETC ETC on electronic music juggernaut Insomniac ciments Joelii's name in Moombahton. Fueled by his primary passion, Joelii's writing has seen him create with and for the likes of  Major Lazer, GTA, Sak Noel, Jonn Hart, Gianluca Vacchi, Merk & Kremoent, Play N Skillz, Claydee, Happy Colors and many more. Uncanny flows, seductive toplines versatility and story-telling makes Joelii an artist on the rise.

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